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JDS is a qualified contractor for large force mains, gravity sewer and water mains.  JDS understands owner’s expectations, infrastructure systems, and procedures. JDS brings the ability to construct the linework at the high safe rate of production necessary to limit the project’s impact on the residents, while at the same time maintaining a stringent quality control program over the product that the owner expects.  JDS excels on difficult projects through value engineering, planning and preparation.

Our field superintendents and crew foremen receive extensive supervisory, code, safety and job specific training. We are convinced a safe work place environment is crucial to quality and cost effective construction. Our safety record and our insurance Experience Modification Factor back up to this commitment. Each of our equipment operators is well trained with extensive continuing education which facilitates the complete and thorough understanding that each of our operatives has for their jobsite duties.

The typical project model lends itself to quality, safety and production. Our staff of construction professionals are dedicated to providing all three.

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